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Equine Omega Complete




Grace Kret

I have had my horse on EOC for about five months and in that time he has grown a lovely healthy coat and helped him gain weight and also has prevented him from injuring himself. Just want to thank you for this wonderful product and the health of my boy!!

Grace Kret
March 12, 2019



Janet Konyer

With a Masters of Science in Nutrition and Immunology, its easy to recognize the health value of Equine Omega Complete.  Every horse (and human) will benefit from a diet rich in Omega 3 polyunsaturated fats.  The improvement to several body systems is measurable and enhancement to overall health undeniable.
As a horse breeder, owner and FEI competitor, adding Equine Omega Complete to my horse’s diet is an integral part of attaining optimal health, function and performance of the equine athlete.   My horse’s coat is glossier, hooves stronger and I have a happy and willing equine partner.   As I prepare for this upcoming season with my partner, Centaur LF, we make Equine Omega Complete part of our daily feed program.  Equine Omega Complete will be an integral part of our competition program as we strive for success at the CDI level in Grand Prix dressage.

Janet Konyer
February 26, 2019


Yasemeen Iravani

I have been using Equine Omega Complete since 2016 and the results have been great! My 10 year old mare, has benefited greatly from this product, improved gut health, joint health, faster recovery and better focus – this product has so many benefits! I am proud to feed an easy, all natural supplement that horses love.

Yasemeen Iravani
Feb 26, 2019

Katie Marshall

We have been using Equine Omega Complete for 3 years now, and it is the only supplement we use! We started Grace (Pay Me With Pie) on it this spring and saw an immense change in her weight and attitude. She went from slightly underweight and lethargic to a healthy weight and coat with tonnes of focused energy. Grace and Brody ended up as reserve 1D Futurity Champions for the Ontario Barrel Racing Association for 2018, and had a strong showing  at the NBHA Open World’s in Perry, Georgia.

Our other mare, Chicklet (Okies Foxy Chick), has been on EOC for 3 years now. Her coat is glossy and healthy looking and her weight is perfect! Chicklet had multiple 1D Open wins during the 2018 season, as well as 1D placings both in Ontario and in Michigan. Being in her early teens, I trust EOC to keep Chicklet’s joints and digestive system feeling great. This product truly keeps our mares looking and feeling their best, and is a fantastic addition to  anyone’s feeding program whether their interests be competitive or just for pleasure.

Thanks EOC!!!
Brody and Katie Marshall (and Chicklet and Gracie )
Febryary 20, 2019

Wendy Higginson

Chance is a 12 yr old buckskin quarter horse that I’ve owned since he was 3. During heavy rains/change of seasons, Chance was often prone to bouts of mud fever that would pop up seemingly overnight.
Over the years, I’ve applied topicals from tack stores (creams; powders; spray ons etc. – including a very expensive cream shipped from the UK) along with numerous homemade concoctions made from zinc based products combined with antifungals. They all had zero effect preventing the problem & after a long period of time, were only mildly effective as a treatment while leaving a “gooey mess” all over his ankles.

Knowing the above & after many recommendations, I put him on a daily regime of EOC added to his feed. Chance has been on Equine Omega Complete for 2 years now and I am delighted to say – without any repeat of those dreaded muddy scabs.
Though I am particularly “religious” when it comes to keeping his legs as clean/dry as possible when exposed to mud, I believe that supplementing with EOC is the primary reason his immune system can fight off this frustrating condition.
A wonderful side effect of using EOC daily – dapples galore!

Wendy Higginson
(Pics: Chance with Taylor Alvarez aboard)
Oct. 22, 2018

Lauren Mcarthur

Batman and Dori had been on Equine Omega Complete for 6 months, then I took them off, don’t really know why. After a short time, 2 weeks of riding, I just about took horses to the vet, they had become dull and lethargic. Dori was not happy to be saddled. Then, where I get my feed, she asked me what I was doing different? That is when it dawned on me that I taken them off EOC! I put them back on. Everything is back to normal. I will continue to feed Equine Omega Complete. They feel better now and no vet bill!

Lauren Mcarthur
Cochrane, AB
August 9, 2018

Lesley Elchuck

This is my horse Brûlée ( Jessie Got The Gun). He’s is a 6 year old Quarter Horse Paint. I bought him in April and started feeding him Equine Omega Complete. He just SHINES now! There are dapples in his coat brought out by your product. He looks so good people ask me what I feed him! The pictures do not do him justice.

Lesley Elchuck
Chance Harbour, Nova Scotia
July 17, 2018

Heather Ross and Robin Williamson

Dreamer is 22 year old Quarter horse that I had as a 2 year old ran him as a futurity horse. I sold him to to Heather, a lady that use to work for me. She had fallen in love with him! Over the last 12 years Dreamer  has been living the life on a 10 Acre farm that they bought. He has been so spoiled but he did have 2 issues: he had chronic mud fever (scratches) and he was a cribber. He also had a very sensitive gut. So about 4 years ago Heather started giving him EOC . The mud fever got less and less and his stomach started to improve and his cribbing stopped! But still he would get little bouts of mud fever. Very little but still there. About 1 year ago Dreamer moved back to our farm, Southern Steele Quarter Horses. We started feeding him his  dosage of EOC and no more mud fever! We figured she was not feeding the right dosage. Now he is mud fever free, no stomach issues, and still NO MORE CRIBBING! How awesome is this! Here are some pics of dreamer. There are close up pics of his Pasterns and how much scarring was done due to the mud fever! All the white hairs that have grown in is where the mud fever had scarred!

Robin Williamson & Heather Ross
Southern Steele Quarter Horse Farm
July 13, 2018


Jamie Berry

This is a picture of Ratchet, a retired 16 year old jumper who had a hard time keeping weight on and would colic every 8 weeks. He had horrible stomach issues. I started him on Equine Omega Complete because I had tried other products but nothing worked. To my surprise he has put on amazing weight and muscle. He dapples all the time and holds weight all year. His hooves have no more issues and he is happy and healthy.

Thanks EOC, my horse has not had any colic issues since we started him on it, I can’t say enough about this great product!

Jamie Berry,
London, Ontario
July 12, 2018



Sara French

Hi my name is Sara and I have a 23 year old Appaloosa gelding. I have owned him for the last 20 years and from the day I bought him he has been a windsucker and chronic colicker. We have tried everything from special diets, supplements, the vets have recommend a number of things. He has had chiropractors and naturopaths, nothing seemed to work for long, and he was ruining fences, gates, stall doors and fence posts with his 24 /7 windsucking. He has also been very thin , dull coat, we have had issues with his feet, too dry, cracking a lot, very poor frogs, constant battle with thrush and abscesses and he was lame more often then not. His colic bouts became so often we had a monthly vet bill and we ending up setting up a baby monitor between the house and barn so I can hear when he would be down n start kicking so I could get to the barn before it was too late. In which I also could hear him all night long windsucking in his stall.

I heard about EOC from a friend, they knew our struggles and had used EOC herself and it had cured a colicky mare. In his last round of colic she contacted me, told me about the product. I will admit at first I figured we couldn’t afford to add another supplement to his long list, but we couldn’t continue the path we have been on for so many long and sleepless nights already. I got a hold of Erin and she told me all about it, sounded way too good to be true, so we gave it a shot.

Now I am going to be honest with him being so sensitive and picky we assumed he wouldn’t eat it, so I was not able to start him off at the recommended first two week schedule. We started him in early February and it took 3 weeks to get him up to half of the daily dose and not only was his appetite improving, he started gaining some weight and he was cribbing less n less. Within two weeks he stopped windsucking completely, I couldn’t believe it, his coat has never looked better, he now doesn’t pick through his grass hay n toss most to the side. My farrier has committed on how his feet have come around , and my vet didn’t believe his over all condition. After all the years we have tweaked his diet, and tried anything we could get our hands on. He is still only taking half the recommended dose and now down to 1/3 the supplements he has been on for years! There have been no signs of colic and he has definitely never been in better condition ! I only regret not finding EOC sooner, it is amazing and anyone with ANY sort picky eater, colicker, cribbing or chewing of any sorts I highly recommend trying it for yourself, you have nothing to loose and will be amazed at the results! To the entire EOC team Diego and I thank you !!

July 10, 2018


Justin Ridgewell

Since starting my horses on the EOC Oils I have definitely noticed a difference in them. For starters they seem to come out more supple and ready to work (even on a Monday) and recover quickly after a workout. Their coats all have great colour and shine. I started one of our young horses on the oil post injury and he seemed to bounce back quickly. His over-all muscle mass and coat has improved greatly over the past few months of being on the product. As of now I have 4 of our horses on the EOC Oil daily and am very happy with the product.

Justin Ridgewell
Braeburn Farms
Collingwood, ON



Anthea Baker

(photo by Katja Wulfers)

I started my OTTB on Equine Omega because during this tough winter he was coming out stiff.  I bought him a year ago and started him on many supplements for bad feet, cribbing, calmness and to improve digestion.  The monthly cost was very high and the results were good but not spectacular.  I kept seeing Equine Omega’s customers calling it “liquid gold” and hoped it could actually cut down my supplement cost.  The great news is that it has done everything I hoped and more!  Football is a shiny, happy horse that no longer needs four different supplements each month.   Equine Omega does it all!

I was so impressed with the results on Football that I started my son’s show pony on the oil as well! She lives outside and gets two pumps a few times a week, but the results are showing on her already.  Her dapple gray coat is shining and her good energy has dramatically improved!  I would highly recommend Equine Omega to all horse owners!

This is a picture of Football after a month on Equine Omega.  I didn’t have the heart to take a before picture.

Anthea Baker and Football
May 18, 2018

Lisa Denyer

I have been using EOC on my 3 horses for years now and I have completely taken them off of all other supplements!  The results I have seen are nothing short of AMAZING!!!  Incredibly healthy, super shiny coats, great feet even in this nasty dry summer we are having.  I constantly receive compliments on how wonderful my horses look. Let me tell you; they feel even better than they look!!!  THANK YOU EOC!!!!

Lisa Denyer
Calgary, Alberta
Sept. 12, 2017


Natasha House

My crazy girl started racing a little late as we had a hard time breaking her and keeping her looking good and eating. We started her on your amazing product EOC and she has turned into a totally different horse. She eats like crazy and is keeping the weight on even with racing tough week in and week out. Always getting compliments on her with how good she looks, the shine and dapples make it even better. She has sure changed since day one and this amazing product is to thank as well for helping her out and giving her all the extras she needs. This picture was from this Monday, winning in another new lifetime mark of 1.59. She keeps getting stronger and faster and looks for her treat EOC everyday when being put away. She loves it! Thanks so much Robin for introducing me to this product

Natasha House and Going With The Flo
June 15, 2017

David Mac Donald


My name is David Mac Donald and a competitor in Endurance Racing, Competitive Trail Riding, Ride n Tie, Set Speed and this year Limited Distance Events.
I compete with a now 15 year old pure bred Egyptian Arabian  gelding with very good success  and a number of top finishes!

However, we had been plagued for some years with severe Mud Fever/Scratches which limited the number of events we could compete in mainly at the beginning of the season.

Kharringtonn (aka Gringo) is now in his third spring with absolutely no mud fever/scratches what so ever and we unequivocally equate this to the EOC (Equine Omega Complete) product that he has been on!

I wanted to give it a couple of seasons to ensure that we could equate the EOC to resolving the issue.

Now I can also comment on his fantastic coat and most of all his improved concentration which has been amazing since on EOC.

Thank you Robin and happy to chat with any potential users or doubters of your product at any time!

David Mac Donald
March 14, 2017


Sandy Duffy


Careless Cousin is a 2012 dark bay Thoroughbred gelding sired by Where’s the Ring who was not fast enough to be a racehorse. Careless Cousin aka Eddie was adopted by Chloe Duffy from LongRun Thoroughbred Retirement Society in Toronto Ontario on Dec 31, 2015. The foster farm was wonderful and allowed Eddie the downtime needed after his last race on Oct 2015 in Fort Eire.

Once Eddie was in full-time work, we knew he needed more from his feeding program and that’s when Eddie began receiving Equine Omega Complete in April 2016. In 2 months Eddie was feeling so much better. We noticed a drastic improvement in his temperament, appetite, hoof issues began to appear to be on the mend, weight gain and he had the shiniest coat on the farm. Eddie’s muscle tone was developing beautifully as well, with regular work to prepare for the Thoroughbred Makeover & National Symposium 2016. We feed Equine Omega Compete as an added supplement to Eddies daily feeding of non molasses soaked beet pulp. Thank you Southern Equine Distributing for delivering this excellent product to a local feed store near us. We purchase Equine Omega Complete from Burgess – O’Flynn Tack & Variety in Wallaceburg, Ontario.

Sandy Duffy
November 1, 2016

Taylor Spitzig

I’m in my 4th year of training standardbred race horses and as a young trainer who trains mostly cheap claimers who on a good night of racing grab a 4th or 5th place finish. When dealing with claimers you never really know what you are buying. You see them race a couple times before, you quickly do a walk by and a quick glance to make sure legs look clean. After they race they are yours and that’s when you really start to notice things. Is it lame, is it skinny, does it eat?

I recently just bought a 4 year old trotter privately. He was skinny with a dull coat. We brought him home and he wouldn’t eat his hay, his grain or his beet pulp/hay cube lunch. Being a very social media person I was scrolling through Facebook and saw the local tack store advertising Equine Omega Complete. I clicked on the picture and read all the comments about how riding horse owners had such amazing luck with putting weigh on their horses. I couldn’t believe it. I’m a skeptic when it comes to supplements because I have used and tried so many others (like any other trainer) and did I really see a difference? Maybe with some but a lot was just a waste of money. I did my research on Equine Omega Complete and thought about it and finally decided to go out and get a gallon.

That night I gave this horse 60cc to start and was surprised when he wouldn’t give me the syringe back and he hardly lost a drop (unlike everything else they usually spit back out). The next morning at breakfast, his dinner was almost all gone. I gave him his lunch (beet pulp and hay cubes) I gave him another 60cc in the syringe and added another 60cc in his lunch. At dinner time it was all eaten up. I was shocked. I kept going like this for a week and all of his feed was starting to be completely gone.

A little over a week I could start to see some weight gain and his coat looking healthier. I decided to put my older race horse on it. And his lunch would by gone by dinner time and he started feeling younger. Rearing up in his stall, taking off on me while jogging, playing more in the paddock and racing sounder and better. I’m really shocked and now am a believer that Equine Omega works! If you have a picky eater or a lame horse or just want an all around good supplement that treats your horses body as a whole with out having to buy 5 or 6 different gallons and spending 150$ per gallon then I highly suggest giving Equine Omega Complete a try!

You will see a difference within a week.

Taylor Spitzig
October 24, 2016

Roger Attfield Racing

Rager Attfield Stable w logo

Roger Attfield at the Breeders Cup


2015 has been a successful year for Roger Attfield Racing.

Throughout the year we have used Equine Omega Complete, and have had great results in keeping our horses happy and healthy. Assisting with issues such as; anxiety, joint and muscle inflammation, Lactic Acid build up, hind gut issues/digestion, as well as feet and weight issues. We believe EOC has played a big part of our successful 2015 season.
Big thanks to Southern Equine Distributing for keeping us stocked up with this amazing product. We will continue to use EOC and will see you in spring 2016.

Roger Attfield Racing
Oct 10, 2016

Hall of Fame Trainer Roger Attfield runs a public stable based at Woodbine Racetrack in Toronto. During the winter months the stable moves to Payson Park Training Center, in Stuart, Florida, racing at Gulfstream Park.

The consummate horseman Roger has achieved unprecedented success in Canada, and across the continent. He has earned a record seven Soverign Awards as Outstanding Trainer. His horses and Owners have achieved a further 44 Sovereign Awards, including an unprecedented six Horse of the Year Champions.

From the sales ring to the winners circle Roger achieves premium results for his horses and owners.



Alana Pickrell


I purchased Fish (Super Sweet Herman) in April and with him being a young off the track quarter horse he was skinny and under muscled when I got him. After introducing him to a new feed plan and consistent exercise his condition definitely improved but I still wasn’t 100% happy with the way he was looking.
After being on EOC for 1 month he is finally beginning to cover up his ribs and pack on muscle the way I want him too. Not to mention his attitude on the ground has changed for the better and his coat is always soft and shiny. Overall he is calmer to handle, has “cool energy” when it’s time to work, and he looks amazing.
I was hesitant to try EOC, especially with being on a student budget and not having luck with other supplements, but results don’t lie and I’ll definitely be keeping EOC in his daily diet.

Alana Pickrell
September 14, 2016

Katie Marshall

Katie Marshall 1

I started my mare Okies Foxy Chick on Equine Omega Complete this spring before show season started. All winter I was struggling with Chicklet’s weight-she wasn’t skinny but she wasn’t where I wanted her to be. I tried feed toppers and other supplements, but nothing seemed to pack on the pounds like EOC! Within a couple of weeks Chicklet looked amazing! I have also noticed a change in her focus during our rides, as well as her stamina. With the hot weather we’ve been having lately, Chicklet has been more energetic than ever. I can’t wait to see how she continues to improve over the summer, thanks EOC!!!

Katie Marshal
July 5, 2016


Ashley Glanc

Ashley Glanc w Logo

We began using Equine Omega Complete a few months ago on one of our Show Jumping horses, and have since switched all of our competition horses over after seeing such outstanding results! Not only did EOC oil improve the coat quality and shine on our horses, the muscle gain was outstanding. Their movement improved, and their general way of going keeps getting better and better. We noticed vast improvement in their focus, stamina, and overall athletic performance. We believe in quality products that deliver measurable results, and EOC has not failed to deliver. It is easy to feed, and provides numerous benefits without any negatives. All of our horses look great and feel even better, and I would not hesitate to recommend this amazing product to anyone- competitive rider or not, every horse deserves it!

Ashley Glanc
May 27, 2016



Michael Jean-Laurin

Michael Jean-Laurin 1

Pratiquant la couse de barils depuis mon jeune âge, j’ai trouvé en Crazy Choice la jument qui répond le plus à mes attentes et à ma personnalité.

Propriétaire de ma monture depuis bientôt un an, nous sommes devenu complice et un duo confiant. Notre première saison de compétitions fut promettante. Nous pratiquons la course de barils dans plusieurs rodéos du Québec.

Ma jument est ma fierté, ma priorité et elle sait me le rendre. Je lui apporte tous les soins qu’un cheval de compétition a besoin.

Omega Complete aide à la concentration et au mentale de Crazy ainsi qu’à ses articulations. Un cheval plus « zen » répond mieux au travail et aux commandements. Il aide à son apparence en lui donnant un plus beau poil. C’est un produit que je recommande.

À nous deux la saison 2016!!

Michael Jean-Laurin
Cavalier course de barils
Monturre, Crazy Choice
May 16, 2016

Robin Williamson

Robin St T 1 crpd blrd

Years ago I brought home some Equine Omega Complete oil from Ohio. I had heard so much about it! I didn’t really have too many issues with my horses but I like to make sure they feel good and look good. Being on the road can be hard on them!

The strangest thing happened when I started to feed EOC to my daughter’s horse. She was always one of those horses who would not come in and was very hard to catch. Four days after starting her on EOC, I went home to bring her in and she was waiting at the gate! I thought this was a fluke, so next day I sent my daughter out to get her and she came in and said “something is wrong with Maple because she was waiting at the gate!”

Every day we noticed more changes, in her anxiety getting better and in everything she did. I could go on about all the changes in all the horses but it would take days! Everything from anxiety, joint inflammation, weight maintenance, hind gut issues, respiratory and so much more!

If your horses aren’t on this product, start now, it is amazing!

Robin Williamson
Southern Steele Quarter Horse Farm
April 15, 2016

 Glenn Pattison

Glenn Pattison1

I am not a big believer in supplements! 2013 my wife brought me some Equine Omega Complete to try. Didn’t really care to feed it but I started my horse on it. We had used so many other products that had done nothing and I never saw any change or benefits, so never even looked for anything. About one week later I noticed my horses were really looking sunny. Hmmm?

Could this be the oil? Week after week I started noticing changes in my horses; didn’t think there was much to change but their attitudes became even better than before! Their strides were opening up and WOW! they were wanting to work! I have now been using it for three years and I must say, this is the only product that I have used where I have actually seen noticeable changes in my horses. What a great product! My current horses will stay on EOC. And any of the horses that we have for training or purchase all go on EOC!

Glenn Pattison
Southern Steele Quarterhorse Farm
April 15, 2016


Jason Vanlandingham

Jason Vanlandingham

NRHA Million Dollar Rider, Jason Vanlandingham of Jason Vanlandingham Reining Horses talks about Equine Omega Complete:

“We’ve only been using Equine Omega Complete for a short period of time and are already able to see the benefits in the physical condition of our horses. Not only are they looking good, they are continuing to stay focused and quiet.”

Jason Vanlandingham
Jason Vanlandingham Reining Horses
January 9, 2016


Kimmy Risser

Kimmy Risser 1

Kimmy Risser 2

“I am a Independent Sales Representative for Equine Omega Complete, not because I wanted to gain anything financially, but because their products truly WORK! I have every horse in my barn on it, from retired TB’s to broodmares to my young horses. Their coat condition has improved, and my ulcer prone horse is looking and feeling better than ever. I am now feeding LESS feed and have even eliminated rice bran as a weight gain supplement, which I have been using for years. I’m actually saving money by using it! Here are a few photos of Bandelero JSF at the 70 Day Stallion Test. He was on Equine Omega Complete for the entire test!”

Kimmy Risser
Kimmy Risser Photography
January 9, 2016


Brandon and Jocelyn Gibson
Select Sport Horses

Brandon and Jocelyn Gibson

“After using Equine Omega Complete and Equine Mega Gain for over a year now, we can’t begin to express how amazing our horses look, feel, behave and compete. We strive to give our horses the best nutrition and keep their stomach, foregut and hindgut happy… especially while showing. Our stallion, Jus d’O had a very successful and long year showing (finishing 2015 as the USEF National Grand Green Hunter Champion) and I know that Equine Omega Complete helped keep him healthy and happy! I believe that a lot of credit goes to these fabulous products!”

Brandon and Jocelyn Gibson
Select Sport Horses
Janaury 11, 2016


Robin Baker
Robin Baker Show Horses

Robin Baker

If you’re looking for a great Supplement that your horses will thrive on, Check out Equine Omega Complete! I have never been a big believer or consumer of Equine Supplements until I decided to give EOC a try. Since then, I’ve seen a huge improvement in every horse I have put on it. I wanted a overall Comprehensive supplement for Full Medal Jacket to help aid him in everything from Joint Support to Weight Management to haircoat. I also wanted a supplement help him during his busy breeding seasons. I have to say I’ve found that supplement in EOC and FMJ will be on it for life!!

Robin Baker
Robin Baker Show Horses
January 12, 2016



Vince Campanella
Georgetown, Ontario


Vince Campanella -Lexie

More than 8 weeks ago my 23 year old quarter horse mare, Lexie, had stopped eating her daily hay allocation. Due to this decrease in appetite she lost a considerable amount of weight, so much so that she hollowed out in her withers, rump and rib areas. I would estimate that she lost a good 50 to 60 lbs. This weight loss was quite noticeable & extreme for a 14-2 hands horse with a usual weight of 900 lbs. In an attempt to bring her weight back up I doubled her daily grain which didn’t seem to yield any results. I began to worry about her health.

After being put in touch with you and informing you of my problem you suggested the Equine Omega Complete. To my pleasant surprise Lexie began eating her hay again after only a mere three days on the supplement. By the time she consumed the first jug it became obvious she was starting to gain some much need weight. It is nothing less than amazing as to how quickly the supplement took affect.

Over the next few weeks Lexie consumed a second jug of supplement. The results continued to amaze me. Not only had she gained back the 50+ pounds she had lost but was now up to her winter weight and looking as healthy as ever!

Lexie is a retired reining horse and has a bad stiffle in one of her back legs as well as arthritis in her left front foot. For many years I have been treating both issues with medication to reduce the pain and keep her sound enough for light riding. Since she has  been on the Equine Omega Complete she shows no signs of lameness in the stiffle or foot. I have been able to cut her medication in half and hope to wean her off the meds completely. The money I have spent on the various supplements, that claimed they would help with her lameness, is in the thousands & all of these products have failed to do what they claim.

Not only has Equine Omega Complete aided in returning Lexie to good health, her energy level has increased immensely. Her movement is more fluent and during our rides I feel her eagerness to perform. It has become a pleasure when riding for us both.

Lexie, & her revived health are a true testament to the quality of this product.

Without any hesitation, I wholeheartedly recommend Equine Omega Complete.

I have attached pictures for your records.

With gratitude,
Vince Campanella
Georgetown, Ontario
December 16, 2015


Hope Glynn
Sonoma Valley Stables

Hope Glynn

After using Omega supplements for my own health with great results I was excited to find a quality product to use on my horses. Joint health, gut health and a shiny coat are just some of the added benefits I have experienced while adding Equine Omega Complete to my horses diet. After using it on five or six select horses for a period of six months, I am putting all 50 horses in my barn on it. It’s that good. Don’t be fooled, quality is the key to results when using omega products.

Hope Glynn
Sonoma Valley Stables
December 7, 2015


Erynn Ballard

ELB Jump

“The care and well being of my horses is my #1 concern. To be at the top level of the sport everything matters. The ECO products are keeping my horses happy and healthy. Since starting them on the product, their coats and conditioning are better then ever.” #MagicOil

-Erynn Ballard
Looking Back Farm

Oct 2, 2015



Shelley Hamilton
Canfield, Ontario



Maryse Leblanc

Maryse LeBlanc

Maryse Leblanc started using Equine Omega Complete in early 2014 on her outstanding horse called “Dreamer” aged of 10. In 2013 was Dreamer’s first year on the rodeo circuit. She wasn’t expecting him to be so good and consistent  in 2014 because his first year was not really good. Whether it was because he was refusing to get in the arena or passing out the first barrel.  She was more than happy with how Equine Omega Complete has changed her horse.

Q: What differences have you seen in your horse since you give him Equine Omega Complete?
A:  Dreamer has a better attitude, better stamina, NOW loves his job, he is happy to go to rodeo, more constant, stronger and his coat looks great. Even my vet has seen a huge difference!

Let’s take a look back on her awesome year. Maryse win IPRA rodeo St-Quentin NB, Chambord QC, Lachute QC.  She qualified 2nd for the Canada Cup held in St.Tite, QC. She took 2nd place the first round of the Canada Cup just behind her daughter Dania Lamarche.  Made it back to the final but had a tough luck; Dreamer got kicked just before the final but was OK. She won the first round of the Wild Time Final in St-Beatrix and is the Final Champion. She is also qualified for her first IFR next January.

Q: What can we wish you for the IFR45 in January
A: To make 4 cleans runs. My horse to be on TOP of his performance. And maybe to win, who knows?… Haha

Next year Maryse will hit the rodeo road again. She will hit mostly the IPRA rodeos. Her goals are to qualify again for the Canada Cup and also for the IFR and be at least in the top 10 world standing. In the meanwhile Maryse goes to work everyday to be able to give the best care and products to her horses. She also has a young talented mare named “Yankee” she will be her “back-up horse in the up coming years.

From Equine Omega Complete, we wish you Good Luck at the IFR45 and for your 2015’s season!!

By Jonathan Bussières.
August 14, 2015


Juanita Borsteinas
Cache Creek, B.C.


hank vogel chimi


My mare CW Hancock’s Spirit suffered a serious injury the winter of 2012. She slipped on the ice and the vet diagnosed that she had either pulled or tore her stomach muscle. She had 2 years of rehab and the summer of 2014 I started barrel racing her again. She did well at the races but still felt stiff to me. I was introduced to Equine Omega Complete September 2014. I have been feeding my mare the supplement for 3 months now and she is doing great.
My mare is a very fussy eater so I fooled her in to eating the Equine Omega Complete by syringing it in her mouth the first time and then I premixed it the night before in her grain and now she gobbles it up!

Already I see a difference in her movement….she is much freer and I am looking forward to our upcoming barrel racing season!!

Juanita Borsteinas
Cache Creek, B.C.
August 12, 2015


Jonathan Bussières


JB x4


I started using Equine Omega Complete when my friend Robin give me HALF of a jug for a horse that I was bringing back from Oklahoma and was sore… WOW what a HUGE difference I’ve seen with only HALF of a Jug. I couldn’t thank her as much as Equine Omega Complete has helped my horse!!! No more back sore!!! Since then all my horses are on EOC.  I’ve experienced an other successful treatment on a horse I bought last year in May.  She was so skinny and looked like a slaughter horse. In only 2 months after I started her on Equine Omega Complete her coat was amazing’; she’s gained a lot of weight and started to muscle up. Now she is my Futurity Hopeful for 2015 and ready to hit the road!!! Thank You to Equine Omega Complete for putting such a great product on the market for our lovely horses!

Jonathan Bussières
Quebec, Canada
January 15, 2015



Kelly Parsons
Rolling Rock Stables – Georgetown, Ontario

EOC Kelly Parsons

I’ve been using Mega Omega oil for over a year now for my four horses. I have a 19 year old retired thoroughbred (hunter/dressage), a 13 year old quarter horse family horse and two 11 year old Dressage show horses – one Hanoverian and one Dutch/Westphalian. They’ve all changed so much while on Equine Omega Complete. EOC helped to stop my Quarter horse’s regular colic episodes, my retired guy has been off Omeprozole since starting the oil and my two show horses definitely benefit all over – coat, joints and energy levels. I love the oil and will continue with it for a long time!
Thank you Robin for the great product and personal service!

Kelly Parsons
Georgetown, Ontario
November 2, 2015


Barbara Stoeckler
Southern Steele Farm – Erin, Ontario

EOC Tess for Website
 Barbara Stoeckler’s Tess

It took some serious arm twisting to get me to try Equine Omega Complete but after a year on the ‘miracle potion’ I won’t go back!

My 14 year old TB cross mare is very high energy and speedy. She also suffers from a few old injuries and general stiffness which bring out her stubborn and flighty tendencies. After a month of using EOC there was already a noticeable difference in her sanity level and movement, and one year later I swear by the product! EOC addressed her key issues – an energy overload and resistance to relax and then supple.

EOC has given my mare a saner outlook and improved ease of movement lessening her instinct to run out of sticky movements, she’s gained the fluidity to move in a way that lets her body work for her comfortably. Instead of fighting me she’s rounding nicely into contact and carrying herself. She’ll always be a horse looking for any excuse to pick up speed and spook but those instances are now an exception and great cross country schoolings sessions and floaty flatwork are becoming the norm.

Barbara Stoeckler
Erin, Ontario
April 3, 2015