Making horses healthy.

Cool calorie weight management.


Encourage healthy weight gain and maintenance without excitability.

Horses can experience difficulty gaining or maintaining weight for several reasons. Health conditions, age-related issues, or inadequate calories are all contributing factors.

Equine Mega Gain® provides calories from fat; research has shown that calories from fat generally cause less excitability than calories from carbohydrate sources. Therefore, Equine Mega Gain® should not make your horse hot. The soybean oil that our products include makes them highly palatable as well.

Weight management +

Equine Mega Gain® provides a dense source of cool calories from fat for horses needing to gain weight. An excellent replacement of calories from carbohydrates to help keep horses calm, Mega Gain® also supports other areas of your horse’s well being including skin, coat, and basic health.

A great choice for hard keepers, the soybean oil in Mega Gain® contains naturally occurring compounds such as lecithin, polyphenols, and antioxidants known to fight against cellular damage. This combination of essential omega fats and natural micronutrients promotes weight maintenance and well-being.

Equine Omega Complete


Learn more about our products, the ingredients that go into them, and how each works to target specific health concerns and improve your horse’s overall well-being.

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