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When choosing the right horse feed for your equine friend, do you simply rely on what’s available nearby, or do you research what’s best for your animal? Southern Equine Distributing knows which horse supplements to recommend based on your horse’s weight and health requirements.

The appropriate combination of horse minerals in both feed and horse supplements is key. If your riding companion needs to gain weight, Southern Equine provides a Mega Gain product that helps him reach the right poundage, and then he can be put on Equine Omega Complete with great joint support properties – something that benefits any large animal, especially those who compete.

Commercial horse feed is sometimes inferior and adds hydrogenated fats to your animal’s diet. If you’re interested in increasing your pony’s performance, improving your mare’s moody heat cycles and milk production, or calming your colt’s coat condition, look into boosting their horse minerals. A number of award-winning riders use supplements to help ease stomach issues and provide a natural way to address other health problems.

If you’re a trainer, rider, and/or caregiver for horses (competitive or otherwise), put their nutrition first and consider horse minerals provided by Southern Equine Distributing. Simple horse feed is not enough.

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