Making horses healthy.

All-natural equine and canine liquid supplements

Carefully crafted with omega fatty acids and high-grade vitamin E, our liquid supplements are a source of essential nutrients and antioxidants with natural anti-inflammatory properties.


Liquid supplements you can count on.

Harnessing the power of nature, our products offer more than just nutritional benefits. With potent anti-inflammatory properties, they aid in healing and prevent further damage.

Our line of natural omega 3 supplements can help alleviate irritation and discomfort. From relieving hotspots and joint pain to addressing gastric ulcers, our products provide the nutrients and health benefits your companion needs to look and feel its best.

Liquid Supplements for Dogs and Horses

Targeted support for common health concerns.

Supplements For Dogs

Canine Omega Complete provides relief from allergies, excessive shedding, and hotspots, digestive support, and promotes joint health, easing stiffness and pain caused by arthritis.

Supplements For Horses

Our horse supplements promote digestive health, prevent joint stiffness and cartilage damage, aid in performance recovery, and contribute to a healthy coat and hooves.

Ulcer Treatment | Joint Supplement for Horses

Products backed by science.

We believe in the power of scientific research. Studies conducted by the University of Guelph have shown that our horse supplements aid in healing gastric ulcers and can effectively prevent cartilage damage caused by long-term wear and tear.