Making horses healthy.

We help horses and dogs look and feel their best.

A healthy, happy pet makes the world a better place for all. As Canada’s only manufacturer of the Equine Omega line of products and Canine Omega Complete, we uphold strong values that support the overall health and wellbeing of our pets with the help of high-quality, natural supplements that you can count on, every time.

Our Philosophy

We strive to create a world in which horse and dog owners have access to high-quality, natural and effective supplements that improve the overall well-being of their pets.

Supplements you can count on.

We believe in the efficacy of our products and are always increasing our knowledge of how we can help horses and dogs achieve peak performance and live active, pain-free lives.

We work closely with the University of Guelph to study and uncover the many ways that our products can help solve common health issues among horses and dogs.


About Robin

My life has revolved around horses for over 45 years. And while my involvement in the equine industry has changed, the need for an all-around supplement has been ever-present; at least, that was the case until I discovered Equine Omega Complete. 

In my early twenties, I held many jobs at Woodbine Racetrack in Toronto, Ontario, and could be found grooming, hot walking, or even galloping there for over seven years, working for the well-known Sam-Son Farms. I foaled out mares in the winter and had horses of my own.

When I became a pro barrel racer, my horse and I travelled over 100,000 km a year across Canada and the United States. Travelling so many miles puts great stress on these amazing athletes. Nutrition was always an important part of my feed regimen, especially for highly-athletic, competitive horses who often required more supplementation due to travel. However, I couldn’t find a high-quality supplement that I could count on to provide my horses with the specific nutrients they needed to look, feel, and perform their best.

When I found Equine Omega Complete, I quickly realized that this product worked as hard as my horses. When I saw the positive effects that it had on my horses’ health, wellness, and performance, I became such a believer that I decided to purchase the patents and registrations for the Canadian Equine Omega® product line in 2012.

I established Southern Equine Distributing so that other horse people could implement Omega® products into their feeding program, thereby providing their horses – from the highest-performing equine athlete to the pasture pet – with an all-in-one supplement that provides the kind of support and health benefits that we look for and have come to expect for our horses.