Making horses healthy.

Essential nutrients for horses

Made with high-quality, human-grade ingredients, our omega products are a first choice among horse owners as an effective treatment for equine arthritis, gastric ulcers, and post-workout recovery.


Harness the power of omega and vitamin E

Equine Omega products are made with simple, all-natural ingredients that have a big impact: a special blend of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and human-grade vitamin E. These ingredients contain anti-inflammatory properties that can promote recovery and long-lasting pain relief in horses with chronic arthritis.

Healthy, shiny coat

Protect against cartilage damage

Arthritis relief

Reduce anxiety

Protect against ulcers

Targeted support for common health concerns.

Developed with human-grade omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and high-grade vitamin E, our non-GMO, all-natural products support healthy cell function in horses and contribute to their overall health.

Whether you’re looking for post-exercise recovery, healthy weight support, reduction in inflammation and ulcers, or an all-in-one health supplement, Equine Omega Complete® and its related products have what you’re looking for.

research studies on equine omega products

Products backed by science.

We believe in the power of scientific research. Studies conducted by the University of Guelph have shown that our patented formulation aids in healing equine gastric ulcers and can effectively prevent cartilage damage caused by long-term wear and tear.

Equine Omega Complete
Our best liquid supplement, EOC is a unique blend of wild-caught fish oil, soybean oil, and human-grade natural vitamin E.
Equine Mega Gain
A great choice for hard keepers, EMG is a dense source of cool calories without carbohydrates.
Equine Mega Sweat
Intended for short-term use in horses with anhidrosis, EMS encourages sweating within 24 to 48 hours after beginning the treatment.
Equine Vitamin E
An excellent choice for horses on a hay-based diet of high-performance horses who need extra vitamin E.

"A staple in our feeding program"

Equine Omega Complete® has been a staple in our feeding program for many years.

Our broodmares, youngsters, breeding stallion, and our seniors all thrive with the multiple benefits of this amazing product.  Some of the specific improvements in my herd are improved fertility in our broodmares and stallion, joint support in all ages from our developing juniors right up to our retirees, and reduced inflammation in those who suffer from respiratory issues from seasonal allergies. Feeding multiple supplements can get messy and very expensive.

I love that EOC® is an all-in-one source with the added benefit of vitamin E. It’s so convenient and easy to manage.

Our Hanoverian stallion, Sir Vari (Sir Wanabi x Bon Balou) has been on EOC® since he was a foal and has benefited tremendously over the years and at all stages of his life. I get multiple messages per month asking which supplements I feed him. I always reply, “Just one. Equine Omega Complete®!” 

Every horse in any stage of development will benefit from EOC®. 

It’s easy to feed, and our horses lick their bowls clean. They love it!

Sheri Whittaker
Owner/Operator of Fox Hill Farm
New Dundee, ON

Sir Vari (Sir Wanabi x Bon Balou)