Equine Allergies and Omega-3s

While it may feel like winter will never end, rest assured that spring is right around the corner and for many horses this means seasonal allergies. The good news is that there are ways that you can support your allergy prone horse through targeted supplementation.

EOC® for Inflammation

If you’re a fan of EOC, you probably already know how well it works to support joint health and function. But have you ever wondered why fatty acids supplements are so good at managing inflammation? Here’s a little run-down on the ins and outs of inflammation:   First of all, we need to understand a […]

Studies on EOC® as an Ulcer Treatment

At Southern Equine Distributing, we stand behind our products. We truly believe that Equine Omega Complete® is the best choice for horses of all kinds, of all ages, and of all disciplines. In particular, we believe that EOC® is the best choice for horses suffering from reduced joint mobility due to age, injury, and inflammation and horses suffering from common digestive issues such as ulcers.

Understanding Omega-3 and Omega-6

We spend time, energy and money on researching and selecting the supplement to properly support our horse’s health in all the right ways. Whether we’re looking to address a specific health issue or simply want to support overall health, it is important to understand how the ingredients contribute to this.

Equine Omega Complete® For The Senior Horse

Aging is a normal part of life, and when horses reach their early teens, they are considered seniors. At this age, horse owners tend to look at additional or alternative ways to maintain their optimal health by reducing the effects of age-related ailments and promoting their overall health and well-being. The most common health issues […]

Equine Omega Vitamin E®

Vitamin E is critically important to horses; it is an essential dietary nutrient that normally comes from grazing.

Equine Omega Complete®

If you currently add supplements and/or vitamins to your horse’s diet, you may be overspending on products that do not provide all of the benefits that you need.

Equine Mega Gain®

Horses can experience difficulty gaining or maintaining weight for several reasons. Health conditions, age-related issues, or simply inadequate calories can all contribute. Equine Mega Gain® can help a hard keeper gain weight – and keep it.

Equine Mega Sweat®

If your horse suffers from anhidrosis, sweat may be difficult to experience, even on the hottest and most humid days. Mega Sweat® can help.

Vitamin E and Horses

Vitamin E is an integral part of your horse’s health, and ensuring your horse receives the proper amount of vitamin E to protect and promote cellular health can be easily administered; however, not just any type of vitamin E will provide the proper results.