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Equine Omega Complete® Ulcer Case Study No. 3

Patient: 11-year-old Warmblood mare with a history of gastric ulcers and recurrent colic symptoms.

September 8, 2022: Upon Gastroscope exam, no ulcerations could be seen in the squamous mucosa. In the glandular mucosa, one focal erosion could be seen in the pyloric antrum with a few petechial hemorrhages.

Treatment: Mare was prescribed Equine Omega Complete® to take 2 oz twice daily.

Gastroscopy 11 year old warmblood mare 1

October 12, 2022: Mare has been doing clinically well.

Upon Gastroscope exam, stomach emptying was noted to be adequate. No ulcerations were observed in the squamous mucosa. In the glandular mucosa, erosion previously seen was no longer present. Her pylorus was very contracted and motile. Able to view the pyloric antrum but had difficulty capturing pictures. Overall, the stomach appears healthy at this time.

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