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Team Equine Omega Complete Canada


Equine Omega Complete Canada is very proud to sponsor these amazing athletes! All of their horses take Equine Omega Complete daily and the effectiveness of EOC shows in their excellent health and the fantastic results they achieve in competition.


Clay McNichol

Clay is an all-around competitor in Junior Rodeo who has qualified for both the Canadian and National Finals. Clay is passionate about calf roping, team roping as both a header and heeler and loves the sport of rodeo.

Clay is 12 years old and is in his 2nd year of Junior High School Rodeo. He has been roping since he was 3, turned his first steer when he was six and is very passionate about the sport of rodeo. Clay qualified for Nationals for the 2nd year in a row and just won the Hi-Point Cowboy for our Alberta Junior High School Rodeo Provincial Finals, competing in 6 events: Tiedown Roping, Team Roping, Chute Dogging, Goat Tying, Ribbon Roping and Saddle Bronc.

Clay has won 4 saddles and over 50 buckles so far in his early career.  He has won the Wranger Team Roping Challenge locally as both a header and a heeler.  Clay has been the Hi-point Cowboy for the Small Spurs Rodeo Association for the past 3 consecutive years.

Clay is a grade 7 Honour Role student and is also the Student President of the Alberta Junior High School Rodeo Association.

“After starting Equine Omega Complete in April 2017, EOC has had a significant result on all four of our horses. Our number one horse, Junior is finally in step and his stifles have never been tighter; we believe this will replace any future injections to stifles and hocks.  Our mare, Martini, has never been quieter under stress and her breathing improved after only 4 days. She had ulcer issues in the past and these have been remedied. They are all feeling and performing great.  They have all been on EOC for only 8 weeks and we will keep them on this indefinitely. EOC is a great all in one supplement which will result in significant savings over the years, we believe, with our year round rodeo schedule.”

Clay McNichol
May 31, 2017



Jamie Kellock

Jamie Kellock

Jamie Kellock is a 21 year old Advanced level eventer based out of Newmarket, Ontario. Jamie has established herself as a successful young rider representing Ontario at the North American Junior and Young Rider championships in 2013, 2014 and 2016.  Some of Jamie’s career highlights include:

– Team Bronze Medal CCI** NAJYRC 2014

– Richland Park Advanced Level HT 2015

– Team Silver Medal CIC** NAJYRC 2016

– Richland Park Advanced Level HT 2016

OHTA YR Challenge Series Champion 2016

OHTA YR Division Champion 2016

Jamie currently competes two horses. “Don’t Blink” a 12 year old OTTB mare at the Advanced level and “High River GS” an 8 year old Trakehner gelding at the CCI* Level.

“I have noticed an extremely positive change in my horses since starting them on the Equine Omega Complete products. Their coats look amazing and they are holding their weight really well! Equine Omega Complete is the only supplement that my horses need to be on because it helps with so many different issues.  The best part about the products is that the horses like to eat it!”

Jamie Kellock
February 15, 2017



Hanna Bundy

Hanna Bundy

Hanna Bundy is a 22 year old three day event rider from Toronto Ontario. Hanna is currently competing at the CCI2* level on her talented mare “Exquisite” and has been eventing since the age of 14. In 2014 Hanna represented Ontario at the North American Young Rider Championships and was also long listed for the Canadian National team. Looking into the future, Hanna has her sights set on representing Canada at the 2019 Pan Am games and the 2020 Olympics.




Davina Mottershead

DM 1

Davina is a versatile Equestrian athlete. Her mother was an accomplished race track trainer and at age six Davina knew she wanted to be an equestrian. In the early 2000’s Davina discovered 3-Day Eventing and never looked back. She was grafted into the sport well by working as a rider and groom for Rebecca Lee at the young age of 13. In 2006 she was awarded for her preliminary accomplishments in Alberta with her mount Shimmer. When Shimmer retired Davina was educated in sport massage therapy for athletes and mentored with Kip Petch, top massage therapist in Canada.

Davina brought along 4 successful young rider level thoroughbred sales horses in that time and managed Minds Eye Ranch event site. She then began her coaching profile. Davina was a sought after club coach in Alberta and clinician before her most recent transfer to Ontario to ride for the Phoenix Equestrian team. She now campaigns sales horses and brings off the track thoroughbreds into Eventing.


“Equine Omega Complete is such an essential part of my feeding program.  I love to use EOC for the newly converted off the track Thoroughbreds to develop a great gut flow and muscle development.  Equine Mega Sweat is an exciting product that has proven to be amazingly effective.  I’m so impressed with the EOC line and its reliability.”

Davina Mottershead
3-Day Event Rider
February 10, 2017



Yasemeen Iravani


I started my mare on EOC just under a year ago and in just a short couple weeks I noticed weight I had been trying to put on for months. As well as drastically improved coat and stronger hoof growth. Any competition horse will benefit from ulcer preventatives and since using EOC I saw a definite change in her appetite at home as well as on the road. One of the most satisfying results from using EOC has been the improvement in mobility and decrease in muscle soreness. Not only does she feel good, she also looks great! EOC is an amazing all around natural, easy to feed supplement with amazing results! Proper horse care and health has always been my main priority in my competition horses. Sharp Dressed Candy (“Candy”) my 8 year old mare and I will be going into our third year competing together and look forward to being apart of the EOC team!

Yasemeen Iravani


Justin Ridgewell


Since starting my horses on the EOC Oils I have definitely noticed a difference in them. For starters they seem to come out more supple and ready to work (even on a Monday) and recover quickly after a workout. Their coats all have great colour and shine. I started one of our young horses on the oil post injury and he seemed to bounce back quickly. His over all muscle mass and coat has improved greatly over the past few months of being on the product. As of now I have 4 of our horses on the EOC Oil daily and am very happy with the product.

Justin Ridgewell
Braeburn Farms
Collingwood, ON
Justin Ridgewell is a young, up and coming force in the dressage industry. He is an FEI competitor, currently competing to Prix St George and Intermediare 1 on his top horse ‘Well Done’ who is owned by coach and mentor John MacPherson. He has high hopes with his horses and hopes to one day represent Canada on the international stage. Currently based in Collingwood, ON Justin works along side level 3 coach and EC Senior judge John MacPherson daily. As farm manager and principle rider at Braeburn Farms, Justin has the great opportunity of riding and training 6-8 horses daily as well as competing both here in Canada as well as Wellington, Florida through the winter months.

Justin has had many successes both in and out of the show ring. He is also one of the youngest in Canada to achieve his Equine Canada ‘B’ (Basic) judges status with hopes to work up the ropes to eventually reach a goal of judging for his country as an FEI judge.


 Ashley Glanc


Ashley Glanc w Logo

My riding career started late. I was always a horse crazy kid, but couldn’t afford to own or compete a horse of my own. I was lucky enough to end up riding at Myrddin Equestrian Centre with Margie and Peter Godson, and had the opportunity to groom at a lot of events across Ontario, where I learned about proper horse care and management of event horses. Over the years, I purchased and trained up many young eventers, and competed through the levels at our provincial Horse Trials. I eventually rode under the tutelage of Ann Morgan of Will O’ Wind farms, and learned the finer points of feeding and caring for upper level competition horses, and how to keep them looking and performing their best. I honed my knowledge of the finer points of grooming, management, and proper care of performance horses. When I switched to Show Jumping, I found that my many years of experience riding and working within the sport of Eventing served me well in caring for show jumpers. The sport may be different, but good care and management are essential to keep all equine athletes sound and performing well. Now, I compete my 8-year-old KWPN gelding Doctrino in the 1.20m jumpers under the training of my partner Kevin Maxie. Together we run our own riding sportswear business, Struck Apparel, and strive to be stay current and competitive within the sport of Show Jumping.

Ashley Glanc



Elizabeth Rous-Hill

E R-H Jump logo

Elizabeth Rous-Hill  is a Hunter / Jumper rider and trainer based in the Hamilton / Niagara Region. Her students compete locally as well as on the trillium and A circuits.

Elizabeth grew up riding and competing in the area, but relocated to new York as a young adult where she took the position of head instructor at an all girls riding school. Spending five years there,  she grew her passion for teaching and coaching, taking many students from beginner levels to successfully showing at A rated shows.

Elizabeth returned to Canada to fine tune both her riding and teaching skills under the watchful eyes of Grand Prix riders and top level coaches before starting her own business.

“I love instilling the passion for horses and this sport in my students. The relationships created between my riders and their horses not only flourish in the show ring, but help them in so many other aspects of life. One of the keys to these relationships is ensuring the health and well being of our horses is top notch.

I started using the EOC to give my show horse a little extra weight and to ease stomach related issues. I found the product worked really well, giving him a great overall body condition as well as reducing his irritability and stress levels. I have used EOC on many clients horses to boost weight, improve coat conditions and replace ulcer medications. I find the product works well for all horses.

Having used EOC on my own show horse for quite a few years, I know I can rely on this product to help optimize the health of all of our horses. EOC not only keeps our horses looking great, I also find it eliminates the need for ulcer medications and aids in healthy muscles and joints.”

Elizabeth Rous-Hill

Morgan Grant

Morgan Grant2

Events: Steer Wrestling, Tie-Down Roping
Born: 7/4/1989 Granton, Ontario
Joined PRCA: 2009
PRCA Career Earnings: $213,861.00
Current Residence: New Waverly, Texas

About Morgan: Morgan Grant currently hails from Didsbury, Alberta, but was born and raised in Ontario. He competes in the Tie-Down Roping and Steer Wrestling at professional rodeos in both Canada and the United States. The 26 year old Texas A&M Petroleum Engineering graduate has qualified to the Canadian Finals Rodeo four times in the Tie Down Roping and twice in the Steer Wrestling. Morgan was the 2013 Canadian High Point Champion winning the most money in two events in the Canadian Professional Rodeo Association. He also qualified to the 2013 PRCA RAM Texas Circuit Finals in the Steer Wrestling. In 2014, Morgan had great success at the Calgary Stampede winning the$100,000 check in the Tie-Down Roping and split second in the Steer Wrestling. He won over $140,000 at Calgary in total and made history in being the first cowboy to make the final four in two events in the same day. Although Morgan primarily focuses on the Tie Down Roping and Steer Wrestling, he has competed in both the heading and the heeling qualifying to the National High School Finals in both ends. Morgan also qualified to the College National Finals rodeo in the Steer Wrestling ending up third in the Nation.




Maya Markowski

Maya Markowski

Maya Markowski and Lucero Bello II, owned by Jill Gale, won the USPRE High Point Award at the 2015 Palm Beach Derby in Wellington Florida.

Maya was born in Peterborough, Ontario and began her riding career at four years of age.  She originally began riding hunters and jumpers.  At age fourteen, Maya`s family relocated to Wuerzburg, Germany where Maya started her training in classical dressage.  She trained daily with Ladislaus Smeykal, a student of Egon von Neindorfs, where Maya developed a true understanding of the foundations of classical dressage training and her passion for Dressage developed.

In 2000, Maya founded her horse training business “Equest”. In the beginning, Maya mostly focused on starting young horses for local breeders. Over the past 14 years, it has evolved into a successful dressage training business in St. Clements, Ontario run out of Winterwood Farms. Maya’s has had great success in the show ring with numerous horses including her own “Lumiere” who she competes internationally in the small tour. The pair has declared for the 2015 Pan American games and are currently in Wellington, Florida training and competing.  Equine Omega Complete Canada plays a substantial role in the health of Maya’s equine partners.

Maya Markowski


Matt Mousseau

Matt Mousseau image

My love for rodeo started back when I was 16 and went to a local clinic to learn how to steer wrestle. As a weekend hobby I won 4 Ontario rodeo titles and 2 IPRA steer wrestling titles.  Since then I have made rodeo my career and turned all my focus to my sport and to the horse power that I owe all my success to. Crimson Volley aka Solo was bought as a 4 year old and since then she and I have made a once-in-a-lifetime team competing all over North America at some of the largest PRCA rodeos . Hickory Barron’s Jody aka Slick is the other side of my team . He is one of the best hazing horses going down the road and I am sure glad to call him my own.

As 2015 season is well on its way, I find myself ready for what’s coming up for me and my team of great equine athletes!

I have been an Equine Omega Complete user for a few years now and love the results I get with all my horses. I am excited to be a part of the EOC Team!

Matt Mousseau