Showone Grooming Products

ShowOne Professional Grooming Products

1 Liter Bottles
– ProShine Shampoo
– One Conditioner and Detangler
– Golden Horseshoe Hoof conditioner
– ShowCool liniment



ProShine Shampoos not only ensure magnificent looking coats, their medicated formulas help to both condition and rejuvenate hair folicals. Ingredients such as Tea Tree Oil (an anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory agent) and Citronella promote healthier skin while at the same time acting as a natural fly repellent. All ProShine shampoos include Vitamin E and every bottle is equine ph balanced.

One Conditioner and Detangler works wonders in protecting dry and damaged hair. Simply spray on and brush in to leave a silky, healthy coat, mane and tail. To eliminate split ends and static electricity, use immediately after bathing. Condition One leaves hair full of body as well as a remarkable sheen, which makes it the natural choice to use in the show ring.

Golden Horseshoe Hoof Conditioner, developed by ShowOne veterinarians exclusively for the Canadian climate is unparalleled in our industry. Golden Horseshoe helps promote a healthier hoof and coronet by neutralizing moisture in the wall and allowing expansion and contraction of the hoof.

ShowCool Liniment is the perfect choice to help prevent the swelling of muscles and tendons. ShowCool revitalizes sore muscles while at the same time promoting circulation to tendons and joints. It’s invigorating aroma helps relieve minor stiffness, soreness and inflammation.

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