Rapz Eazy Tear

Rapz Eazy Tear®

High Performance Cohesive Bandage.  Reverse Wound

Protection and support for tendons and ligaments. Practical and cost effective.
Sticks only to itself – not to skin, fur, feathers or hair!



Lightweight-Comfortable for the patient
Breathable-Helps prevent irritation from excessive sweating
Cohesive-Only sticks to itself, preventing discomfort when removed
Water resistant-Helps keep the bandage dry and also reduces the risk of it falling off due to sagging under additional weight
Hardwearing & Durable-Lasts longer
Non Tightening during use-Safer for the patient
Eazy Tear-Helps prevent tourniquet effect and tightening after application, particularly after covering blood test or cannula sites.
Starter tab-Complete with multi-language application instructions and it’s easier to locate the start of the roll!
Rapz Eazy Tear® are easily cross torn-no need for scissors !
Sterilizable-Ideal for orthopedic procedures.
5 1/2 yards-10% longer than other brands!
Patterned bandages are REVERSE WOUND-Bandage is more easily applied at the correct tension.


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