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-Equine Extreme Sole Relief in 4 oz bottles

-Equine Extreme Comfort Healing Liniment in 1 L bottles



Equine Extreme Sole Relief
4 oz bottles

Equine Extreme Sole Relief is a concentrated foot freeze in a gel base that will not run off. The thick formula adheres to the hoof and penetrates resulting in less wastage and better duration of effect. Sole Relief is effective for use in all types of horses pre race or pre event and for the treatment of sole bruising, hoof wall defects, high nails, and other maladies of the hoof.
Only available in Ontario through Southern Equine Distributing


Equine Extreme Comfort Healing Liniment
1 L bottles

Equine Extreme Comfort is a concentrated topical comfrey based liniment designed to treat all types of minor orthopaedic disease (joint and bone), soft tissue and muscle injuries. It is particularly effective for bucked shins, strained tendons and suspensory ligaments, hot or swollen joints, stocked up lower limbs, sore backs and strained or pulled muscles of all types.
Only available in Ontario through Southern Equine Distributing




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