Canine Omega Complete

Like our flagship product Equine Omega Complete, Canine Omega Complete is a unique blend of Non-GMO, Organic Oils, formulated to help dogs reach and sustain their maximum potential.

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canine omega complete

Dog lovers know that our animals can suffer and get sick from mass-produced food. Some of us make our special friends chicken soup; some of us add raw pumpkin to our dogs’ dry food dishes. Another thing we can do is to add dog supplements.

Omega-3 oils (like those found in fish oil) can do a lot of things for your beloved friend:

  •  Increase energy
  •  Eliminate or reduce risk of stroke/heart/cancer issues
  •  Improve the coat
  •  Lower inflammation
  •  Keep blood triglycerides under control
  •  Create fewer problems with dry, itchy skin, caused by allergies
  •  Reduce joint discomfort

Dog supplements are almost a necessity in today’s mass-produced, high-profit world. If you don’t know how your dog’s food is grown, sourced, and manufactured, dog omega supplements will (at the very least) provide nutrition and health support that may be lacking from your beloved pet’s daily diet.

If your animal sheds too much or has stomach issues, dog supplements may be a solution and you could see results in as few as three weeks. Make sure to ask your veterinarian for advice and then order the dog omega supplements your pup needs.

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Available in 500 ml, 1L and 3.89L sizes


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