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Getting Your Horse the Proper Nutrients

June 30, 2017 Uncategorized

Owning a horse comes with huge responsibility. Horse feed and supplements can be vital to having a healthy, happy animal.

Quality Hay

Getting Your Horse the Proper Nutrients

A horse should consume about 2% of its body weight in forage per day. This means a horse weighing 1200 lbs likely consumes at least 24 lbs of hay daily. The feed needs to be high quality and smell fresh.

Varied Grains

Getting Your Horse the Proper Nutrients

Most horse owners supplement their horse’s regular diet with a rich selection of grains. Straight grains like oats (and other grains with fortified concentrate) can help fill a nutritional gap in your animal’s diet.

Vitamins and Supplements

Southern Equine Distributing

Low calorie vitamin and mineral supplements can be critical to your horse’s well-being. Older horses, “easy keepers,” and horses on a restricted diet (in particular) may benefit from these supplements. Diet changes can help address nutritional imbalances.

If you have an equine friend for whom you need to radically change the diet, you can introduce healthier food by replacing common grain mix with a ration balancer, or alfalfa mixed hay with all-grass hay. An obese horse needs additional, gradually increasing exercise and better nutrition. If left unchecked, equine obesity can cause metabolic syndrome, laminitis, and insulin resistance.

Horse Feed and Supplements in Ontario

What Is a Reactive Horse?

Southern Equine Distributing (SED) is a leading distributor of horse minerals and supplements such as Equine Omega Grain, Equine Mega Sweat, Equine Omega Complete, and Horse Omega Supplements. Our products are ideal for trainers, caregivers, and riders who value their horses. To get in touch with us, call (905) 691-5141 today.