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Equine Omega Complete®

Have you ever added up the costs of all of the vitamins and supplements you give your horse? 

If you are giving more than one each day, this cost can quickly add up to a significant monthly cost. But which ones are truly worth spending money on? Do you actually have to combine Supplement A and vitamins B, C, and D to get the results you’re looking for? 

Is it possible to spend less on supplements yet still achieve the same results and reap the same health benefits for your horse?

The answer, in our opinion, is: yes.

Equine Omega Complete® is an all-in-one supplement that has been growing in popularity throughout North America due to its ability to replace a host of other supplements while providing the same benefits. The main ingredients are omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which provide health support at the cellular level, reducing inflammation and thereby relieving joint pain and reducing the severity of digestive ailments such as ulcers. Meanwhile, the oils themselves support the development of a healthy coat, skin, and hooves.

Equine Omega Complete®

This blend of DHA and EPA essential omega fats and natural antioxidants supports inflammatory response, performance recovery, insulin regulation, and weight management while ensuring strong hooves and a radiant coat. Equine Omega Complete® is a unique blend of organic soybean oil, wild-caught fish oil and all-natural vitamin E. 

Many other omega oils on the market either rely solely on plant-based sources of omega-3 fat or are predominantly fish oil. Fish oil provides the essential DHA and EPA fats that your horse needs and are not present in plant-based oil; however, fish oil is not very palatable. By mixing the fish oil with soybean oil, palatability is not an issue.

The soybean oil provides essential omega-6 fatty acids that your horse needs, and because it is expeller pressed, it still contains all the important and healthful compounds such as lecithin, polyphenols and other antioxidants. The soy we use does not contain any harmful chemical residues. Our patented blend, therefore, provides your horse with the best of both worlds.

Successful studies have proven the product’s effectiveness; recently, a study was conducted on the effectiveness of Equine Omega Complete® in equines who suffered from Grade 2 ulcers.

Equine Studies

Ulcer Case Study No. 1

This case study followed a gelding who suffered from ulcers from the initial diagnosis to marked improvement with Equine Omega Complete®.

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Moreover, the liquid supplement increases sperm production and supports healthy weight gain, muscle development, and insulin regulation. By being proactive and ensuring that your horse is receiving the vitamins and supplements that it needs, you can prevent future health problems, especially those associated with vitamin deficiencies. 

Implementing Equine Omega Complete® into your horse’s diet will provide your horse with essential nutrients while saving you time, money, and stress. Take the opportunity to try the product for 30 days and see how your monthly supplement cost decreases and your horse’s health increases. 

If you’re not convinced, please visit our page full of testimonials to learn how Equine Omega Complete® has had a positive impact on our customers’ beloved equines, from high-performing athletes to the pasture pet.

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